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The darkest hour is just before dawn.”

Thomas Fuller, re-phrasing Psalm 46 vs5

Many people might interpret the Government’s imposition of fines on those who test positive but refuse to self-isolate as a warning not to take a test unnecessarily: but it does also reflect the fact that the second spike is swiftly coming upon us, and we must take it seriously. The news from Spain shows a severity not far off the first spike already and, for both North (that is, south of the Canadian border) and South America the situation continues to be dreadful.

But, following their autumnal custom of looking ahead to the coming year, the markets are starting to take a view on life post-vaccine: and it’s quite an optimistic view. So please READ ON .. as we look at some major changes for the world in 2021.


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In a new partnership with publishers Harriman House, Share Radio has produced its first audiobook 'Superinvestors', written by Matthew Partridge and read by some of Share Radio's best known presenters: Simon Rose, Fenella Fudge, Glen Thompsett, Ed Bowsher and accomplished actor David Ricardo Pearce, whose ancestor is featured in the book.

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St. Paul's besieged

Welcome to Gavin Oldham's full presentation describing his vision for egalitarian capitalism.

The main set of proposals are as follows:

Egalitarian Capitalism is an alternative to socialism which, while fostering and encouraging enterprise for all, acts to involve and empower people right across society and especially the young. 

Six key steps of egalitarian capitalism

  1. A proper programme of financial education to help people from all walks of life to build a personal store of freely disposable assets.
  2. Setting the conditions for disinter-mediation, in particular reducing the extent of parasitic inter-mediation which separates people from a sense of ownership and control.
  3. Direct share ownership: drawing together employee, consumer and share-owner, providing much improved corporate governance so that individual share-owners can participate fully in the companies in which they have chosen to invest.
  4. Calls for risk to be properly recognised when setting taxation on reward. This means encouraging innovation and continuing to recognise the risks taken by self-employed people.
  5. Addresses inter-generational equity, introducing a programme of incentivised financial learning for the disadvantaged young, fuelled from inheritance tax receipts, to enable them to achieve their full potential in adult life.
  6. Tackles one of the most difficult issues for democratic capitalism: universal benefits. It proposes a new voluntary approach for higher taxpayers to make discretionary payments for using universal, state-run services.


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The Bigger Picture: C-19's 2nd wave & political economy, Starmer getting Labour together & Grayson Perry

Professor Tim Evans of Middlesex University looks at the problematic nature of political economy as the Government prepares for the second wave of the coronavirus. He discusses Sir Keir Starmer's "conference" speech and how Labour is beginning to get its act together. And he muses on political psychology in the wake of comments from Grayson Perry about the degrees of openness shown by those on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

Policy Matters: What’s wrong with democracy in Britain and how can it be fixed?

In this episode of Policy Matters, hosts Franz Buscha and Matt Dickson talk to Nadine Smith, the Director of the Centre for Public Impact. Previous to her current role, for many years Nadine was a civil servant at the Cabinet Office, working at the centre of UK government at the intersection of policy, politics and communications. Franz and Matt begin by asking Nadine about the mission of the Centre for Public Impact and how they look to influence policymakers and improve government. The conversation considers the problems that arise when public service provision is marketized and driven by performance targets and league tables, and how many systems might be redesigned to be more responsive to the needs of citizens. Nadine, Franz and Matt then go on to discuss the possibilities for greater citizen involvement in decision-making and the ways in which we could potentially introduce more deliberative democracy in the UK.

The Hypnotist: Grief Hypnosis

In this episode, Adam creates a hypnosis session designed to help someone with a bereavement or loss of a loved one. It uses elements of imagination to resolve unfinished business or loose ends and to say the words that couldn't or weren't said when the person was alive. This session uses an innovative metaphor for the pain and sorrow of loss, to reduce the impact and to introduce more positive and resourceful emotional states.

The Business of Film: Bill & Ted Face The Music, The Devil All The Time & Barking Dogs Never Bite

James Cameron-Wilson looks at the latest UK box office chart, where - in the absence of other blockbusters - Tenet still reigns supreme. He reviews the cinema return of Bill & Ted in Bill & Ted Face The Music. For home viewing he looks at the Netflix new release The Devil All The Time from Antonio Campos and delights in the first feature from Parasite director Boon Joon Ho, Barking Dogs Never Bite.

Gadgets & Gizmos: The daftest scientific studies of the year

Steve Caplin reveals some of the IgNobel prizewinners for the daftest scientific studies. Also the new Playstation and an upgrade to Oculus Quest, robot shelf stackers in Japan, economically-sound pellet guns, Amazon's patent for a burglar deterrent, Wikipedia's positive effect on tourism (except in the Netherlands) and why a second-hand TV has been causing havoc to broadband in a Welsh village.

The Week That Was And The Week Ahead: New Covid rules, Kingfisher, Whitbread & Pets at Home

Ian Forrest of The Share Centre looks at the effect on the market of the Government's new rules on Covid-19. He also reflects on recent good company news from Kingfisher (owner of B&Q and Screwfix) and Pets at Home, as well as a less optimistic report from Whitbread, Britain's biggest hotel group. Looking ahead, he considers what might be expected when we hear from Boohoo and Compass.

Modern Mindset: The Confidence Conundrum

Adam Cox is joined by mindset mentor, Malina Bien, who discusses how to become more confident – as well as the relationship between confidence and self-esteem. Malina shares some tips to immediately boost your confidence, and explains why the difference between confidence and arrogance.

Motley Fool Answers: What’s Behind the Unemployment Numbers?

Saving, spending, planning — you've got money questions and we've got answers. Every week host Alison Southwick and personal finance expert Robert Brokamp challenge the conventional wisdom on life's biggest financial issues to reveal what you really need to know to make smart money moves. In this week's episode, the team is joined by Dr. Rakesh Kochhar from the Pew Research Center to help us understand how the unemployment rate is calculated, how to dig into the numbers of the monthly Jobs Report, and the impact of COVID-19 on workers in the US.

The Talk by The WealthiHer Network: Funding your Future
For women (59%), the resounding role of wealth is being able to provide comfort and security for themselves and their family. But many women neglect to plan and invest sufficiently to provide for their retirement; currently women lose nearly £1million over the course of their lives through a lack of investing. COVID-19 has dramatically impacted financial security, changed the ways in which we work, and the way we think about life, the future, and retirement. As the age of retirement keeps rising and we find ourselves in uncertain times, we should all be thinking about how we want to spend our lives and be armed with the knowledge needed to make the right financial choices to fuel the future we want. In this episode, Tamara Gillan is joined by Wealth Director of Brewin Dolphin, Carla Morris, to share her knowledge and expertise on pensions and female prosperity – both now, and in the future.
VIDEO: Tracking down £1bn of missing Child Trust Fund cash

Every child in the UK born between 1 Sept 2002 and 2 Jan 2011 has a Child Trust Fund (CTF). But one child in six has lost contact with the money. Gavin Oldham, Chairman of The Share Foundation – which runs the Junior ISA & Child Trust Fund schemes for children in care for the Department for Education - is trying to re-connect them. He talks through the CTF, how to track an account down, and what a child can and can’t do with the money.


In a new partnership with publishers Harriman House, Share Radio has produced its first audiobook 'Superinvestors', written by Matthew Partridge and read by some of Share Radio's best known presenters. 'Superinvestors' lays bare the investing secrets of legendary investors - from early 20th-century figures such as Benjamin Graham and John Maynard Keynes, through to more modern names such as Anthony Bolton and Warren Buffett.

The Share Foundation

How you can help young people in care prepare for adult life by supporting The Share Foundation’s ‘Stepladder of Achievement’ programme.


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